The device is useful for the elderly and people with health conditions such as asthma. In addition, the Pulse Oximeter can also be useful when you go hiking at high altitudes or during training for a marathon, for example. This Pulse Oximeter is especially useful for people who want to gain a better understanding of how their bodies work and the status of their health.


The Pulse Oximeter is also useful for athletes who need to monitor blood oxygen levels and heart rate. By controlling the oxygen levels in your blood, you can monitor your body's response to physical activities and prevent life-threatening situations.


The Pulse Oximeter is compact, has a length of 6cm and a width of 3.5cm and is therefore very portable. The meter has a low energy consumption, making it extra long. As soon as the batteries are almost empty, you will receive a notification on your Pulse Oximeter. The device works on 2x AAA batteries (included).


Reliable pulse oximeter. The Finger Pulse Oximeter is a very small, lightweight, portable instrument that measures blood oxygen (% SpO2) and heart rate in seconds.

Pulsioximetro Oximetro Finger

SKU: 126351351935
    • tem Type: Blood Pressure
    • Material: Plastic
    • Application: Finger
    • Brand Name: Mediconaxa
    • Size: 9*8*7
    • Commodity Quality Certification: CE
    • Commodity Quality Certification: FDA
    • Model Number: Bluetooth JPD-500F Grey
    • Item: Bluetooth Fingertip Pulse Oximeter + MyOximeter APP
    • color: grey Bluetooth finger oximetro de pulso
    • certificates: CE/FDA/ISO for oximetro de pulso
    • Auto shut-off: 10S
    • Usage: SpO2,PR and Perfusion Index value display
    • Display: Color OELD color screen adjustable brightness
    • Features: Oximetro pulso with Bluetooth + Oximeter APP
    • Power: 1.5V(AAA) battery For oximetro de pulso
    • Feature: Low-voltage indication, Pulse sound, Alarm function
    • user: for kids and adults/ medical and home
    • High quality
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